Payday Videos

Tyler's Payday Cover Image
Height: Depends if he's on his feet or doing a handstand
Weight: We talkin' with or without facial hair?
Fun or Glory: Glory - He really wants to impress his wife
Competitive Edge His dog thinks he's pretty awesome
Nic's Payday Cover Image
Height: His burpee vertical clears 7 feet, minimum
Weight: He dropped two pounds after shaving his head
Fun or Glory: Seriously? Look at him
Competitive Edge He always smiles for the camera
Kelly's Payday Cover Image
Height: He claims almost 6 feet. Translation: He's barely 5' 11"
Weight: Tough call - how many Snickers has he eaten today?
Fun or Glory: We don't let him race. He builds the courses, clearly an unfair advantage
Competitive Edge He says luck is on his side...we just smile and nod
Darla's Payday Cover Image
Height: Tall enough to get over Hit the Wall in one try
Weight: She doesn't care. Why do you care?
Fun or Glory: Glory CHARGER chicks rule
Competitive Edge She has trained in every weather condition imaginable