Frequently Asked Questions

We partner with a Host Hotel at most events. Check out each Event page for info.

Not only are these great places to crash, they hook up CHARGERS with special rates. Just call and ask for the HARD CHARGE rate when you book.

If you're not into the element of surprise, you can check out course maps. Visit our Events page and choose your event. Course maps are subject to change and no one is allowed prior access to Abusement Park - so there will still be a surprise or two in store.

Absolutely. Volunteers may request to work a certain shift so they’re able to do both. Bonus – you’ll get two cool t-shirts and beverage tickets. You’re already going to be there all day so talk about a no-brainer.

We'd love to have you join us for the entire day but you can also request to work a certain shift as well. 

We’ll need volunteers in several areas – from handing out racer packets and marshaling obstacles to restocking water stations and running the bag check. If you have a specific request, we’ll do our best to accommodate. 

Visit our Volunteers page, choose your event and fill out the form. You can volunteer on behalf of a charitable organization or individually.

Check out our online store. We have a ginormous merch tent at every event too.

Absolutely. All water obstacles can be navigated without needing to swim. In case you’re still worried, these obstacles will be monitored closely to ensure everyone’s safety. 


Because you want to be pushed to the limit. Because you get the chance to race on TV in the CHARGE Championship and take home the Truss. And because you want to go head-to-head with the best out there. 
Do you fit any of these descriptions?
  • You have weight rings on your toothbrush
  • You time yourself making breakfast
  • It’s never a question of walk or drive, you only run
  • You have a pull-up bar in your living room, bedroom, office – the list goes on
  • Skip an obstacle? No effing way
If any of these remind you of yourself, you need to CHARGE for Glory!


Because you want to achieve a goal. Because you don’t care about winning, you care about finishing. And because you know you’ll have a blast.
Does this sound like you?
  • You consider getting the mail to be exercise
  • The free drink ticket is your main motivation
  • You plan on holding hands with your spouse the whole way
  • You don’t like people yelling at you for being weak
  • You’ll never quit, no matter how long it takes
If you said yes to any of these, you should CHARGE for Fun!

Technically, no. But you do need to sign our official waiver, which acknowledges you understand the risks associated with participating. You’ll need to bring the signed waiver on the day of your CHARGE, so print it, read it and make sure you understand.

Man up and quit whining. Kidding, we understand if an obstacle seems too intimidating or difficult. After all, it ain’t easy to be HARD.


If you’re CHARGING for Fun and you can’t make it through and obstacle or don’t even want to try, you can go around it. No penalty, no questions asked, no worries. 


If you’re CHARGING for Glory, you must attempt every obstacle. If the obstacle has a penalty pit, you can choose to keep trying until you complete it or serve your penalty in the pit. If the obstacle doesn't have a penalty pit, you’re not off the hook. You must keep trying until you complete the obstacle. Penalty pits will be mointored by our course marshals who will ensure you stand there and serve your full penalty while your competitors run by. So don't think you're just gonna skip a HARD obstacle and shave off some time. Besides, you're better than that.

You can CHARGE individually or as part of a team. We love the camaraderie that goes with being part of a team, so it’s definitely recommended to round up your friends and take on the mission as a group. If you are going as a team, don’t half-ass it. Wear matching shirts, sport bright knee socks, dress in full costumes or even carry a team flag. Make it fun or make it serious, just make a scene.

Each obstacle is built with your safety as the number one concern. Volunteers, staff and paramedics will be on hand should you need help.

Everyone ages 5 and up may participate, and all ages are welcome and encouraged to come watch the event! Age restrictions on heats are as follows:
CHARGE for Fun Kidz - Ages 5-13
CHARGE for Fun Teen - Ages 14 and up
CHARGE for Glory - Ages 18 and up 

Yes you can, just visit our CHARGE for Children page and select the event you've registered for. You'll find a 'Donate to this event' button on the following page.

You can take it a step further and create a fundraising page to net even more donations for your local children's hospital. You'll help kids in your community and gain access to the CMN Hospitals VIP tent on CHARGE Day, where you'll get tons of special perks. 

When you register, you select your preferred heat time. Heat times are subject to change based on registrations and best traffic flow so we can’t guarantee anyone a specific heat time. We can guarantee all members of a team will be placed in the same heat together. We also guarantee you’ll be placed in a Glory heat if you signed up for Glory, likewise with Fun. 

Send us an email through our contact form or directly at Let us know what event you're registered for and what heat you'd like to move to and we'll take care of the rest. Heat changes cannot be guaranteed the week before the event.


If you're moving from a fun to a glory heat, you'll need to register on our Upgrade to Glory page and pay the difference.

In addition to the entry fee, every CHARGER must pay $12 for insurance and small processing fee. Standard stuff.


Yes, and proud to. Hit the contact form and let us know. Must bring military ID to registration.
This will vary with every event, so visit our Events page to check out yours. Generally, registration is available until 11:45 p.m. three days prior to your event.
Early registration discounts are offered so you may as well take advantage and sign up ASAP.

Hell yeah you can! As long as it’s before registration closes and there’s space in a Glory heat. If you are registered for a Fun heat and want a Glory heat, you’ll be charged an additional $20 to cover the higher registration cost. Just visit our Upgrade to Glory page, fill out the form, and you're good to go!


1901 44th St SW
58103 Fargp, ND
United States


It’s not so much what you get as what you earn. Dignity, accomplishment and respect from fellow CHARGERS. 
Yeah yeah, we know you care about the free stuff too. Every CHARGER gets an exclusive t-shirt, finisher’s tag, HC sticker and free admission into our post-race party – including a beverage ticket.

Unfortunately, we’re not able to offer refunds. If you'd instead like to transfer your registration to another person or event, head to our Transfer Registration form.

No, we don’t allow just anyone to jump in with whatever team sounds the coolest. The only way you can join a team is if you've been given the team password and entered it at registration. If you’re looking to connect with other CHARGERS to train together, form a team, all that stuff, join the event on Facebook.


6971 S Tucson Boulevard
85756 Tucson, AZ
United States

As long as your team name isn’t blatantly hateful, go for it. Nobody likes bullies or that kid on the block who's just mean for the sake of being mean, so that's the only kind of stuff we're not cool with. That being said, we have a sense of humor, we're not uptight and we're down with pushing the standards of good taste. All in the name of fun. 

Yes, just contact us via our contact form or email us directly at We'll just need to know some basic information:

1. Which event are you registered for?

2. What's your team name?

3. What's your team captain's name?

4. What will your team password be?

Get us the essentials and we'll do the rest!

It’s not a relay; every member completes the entire course. You can run together, help fellow teammates through obstacles and keep each other motivated.

While we do encourage teamwork and camaraderie throughout the entire course, it's not required y'all stick together and cross the finish line together.

Each team member registers and pays the fee individually. Rates are the same for everyone, individual or team member.

There is no limit. You can have a team of two or 20.

CHARGE for Glory brings the best of the best, the serious competitors who want to go all out to race for TV, the Truss and ultimate honor of being named CHARGE Champion. There are rules and additional info for these heats:


1. You must attach your timing chip to your ankle

Your packet includes a timing chip and ankle bracelet. You must attach the chip and bracelet to your ankle. DO NOT attach the chip to your shoelace; if you do, we can't guarantee timing. Don't be 'That Guy' who attaches the chip to his shoe & doesn't get timed. Attach the strap to your ankle.


2. Your chip must be returned 

There will be a volunteer cutting ankle straps at the finish line. Be sure your chip is returned or you'll be charged $40.


3. You must attempt every obstacle

Glory CHARGERS must attempt every obstacle on the course. A few designated obstacles have a Penalty Pit. If you cannot complete an obstacle that has a Penalty Pit, you can keep trying until you complete it or you can serve a 1 minute penalty in the pit. If an obstacle doesn't have a Penalty Pit, you must keep trying until you complete it.


4. Your time will be posted in several areas

The results tower in CHARGER Village will show all Glory CHARGERS' times upon finishing. Times will also be linked from our website later in the day.


5. Awards will be given during the awards ceremony

The top 5 male and female finishers in each age group (18-29, 30-39, 40-49 and 50+) will receive medals. The top overall male and female will be presented the CHARGE Championship Truss. The awards ceremony will be held in CHARGER Village at approximately noon (time subject to change per event so check your CHARGE Day info sheet at packet pickup. 

HARD CHARGE is broacast on a variety of national sports nets, including Comcast SportsNet, Fox Sports and Mid-Atlantic SportsNet, and select local affiliate stations across the country. Check local listings and here to find out where and when to watch HARD CHARGE in your area. Full episodes are now available on our site here


Every CHARGE for Glory heat has the same age divisions:
Male 18-29
Male 30-39
Male 40-49
Male 50+
Female 18-29
Female 30-39
Female 40-49
Female 50+

The best part about HARD CHARGE is anyone can do it, from marathon runners to cyclists to those who count exercise as moving from the fridge to the couch. We do recommend shaping up at least a little before tackling your first obstacle mission. First, be sure to check with your physician if you're just starting an exercise program. Then, here are the three main areas to fine-tune:



Whether you’re walking or running, HARD CHARGE still requires endurance to make it through the miles. If you currently don’t exercise, start with 15 minutes a day of walking, then work up to an hour, or try peppering in some intervals of running. If you’re an avid walker or cyclist, give running a try. Start with just five minutes for every 15 you walk. Work you way up to a 5k. There are also some great Couch to 5k programs available online. If you’re already a runner, keep it up! And maybe try some speed work.



Sure, after the first obstacle you may think, “Psh, I got this!” Remember, there are about 20 more still waiting to be conquered. Your arms, core and legs are all gonna feel the burn, so don’t go into it weak and soft. Whether you’re a gym rat or newbie to strength training, some simple oldies but goodies work best. 


•Upper Body:

Good old fashioned push-ups are where it’s at. To make it more challenging, first, get off your knees and do real push-ups. Switch up your arm placement – the closer together you bring your hands, the tougher it is. Or, try “walking” push-ups. Assume the standard plank position and do one full push-up. Then, “walk” your right arm across your left, then “walk” your left arm back to the outside and do a full push-up. Repeat on your other side. 


•Lower Body: 

Lunges, squats and burpees do the trick. Try jump squats, weighted lunges and more and more burpees to crank up the intensity.



The main thing to remember: Don’t neglect your back. Planks and Superman are great for working your full core and – bonus – no crunches involved! Be sure to work in some side planks too. Hold a plank position for a minimum of 15 seconds and work your way up to multiple sets and longer hold times.



Most of the time, athletic challenges are 10 percent physical and 90 percent mental. If you show up with a bad attitude, you’ll be defeated right out of the gate. Yeah, it’s gonna suck at times and it’s not going to be a walk in the park. But nothing worthwhile is easy. This is going to be one of the most fun experiences of your life so show up, get pumped and have a blast.

Anything you don’t mind getting doused in mud and sweat. Darker colors are always best, as light-colored clothing tend to show a little evidence of mud even after it has been washed. Every CHARGER is unique, but here’s a list of the basics you’ll want to CHARGE:


•Quality Shoes – The best way to kick ass, not slip and fall on your ass. There are tons of options out there, from minimalist and lightweight to traditional running and cross trainers. Choose what's most comfortable for you, keeping in mind they're going to get wet and bogged with mud.

•Non-Cotton Socks – You’ll be trudging through water – do we really need to tell you cotton socks suck?

•Longer Shorts (Dudes) or Capris (Chicks) – Save your knees, skip short shorts.

•Fiited Performance Fabrics - Like with socks, a cotton tee is going to get wet and waterlogged early on. Stick with performance fabrics that allow better movement and don't feel so heavy when wet.

•Towel – Though we recommend wearing your mud as a badge of honor, you may want to keep it off your car seat. If you forget, you can purchase a sweet HARD CHARGE towel at our merch tent.


They’ll be an onsite bag check where you can drop off your stuff. HARD CHARGE isn’t responsible for any lost or stolen items so be smart about what you bring. 

Yes – medals will be awarded to the top 5 Glory CHARGERS in each age division (M and F 18-29, 30-39, 40-49 and 50+). The overall male and femaie winners get the honor of being named CHARGE Champion and take home the coveted Truss trophy.

The course won’t be entirely open to spectators. But there will be several areas along the course they can watch, including at the start and finish. 

Yes, there will be at least one along the course. Number of stations and location will vary with each course.

Yes! Kids ages 5 and up can participate in our special Kidz and Teen heats (per venue/city regulations). If they don't want to play in the mud, they're welcome to come out and watch the event, cheer on other CHARGERS and join the fun at the post-race party, free of charge. Children under the age of 18 are not allowed to participate in the CHARGE for Glory heats.


Spectators are allowed to take photos and video of the event. Spectators are not allowed to bring alcohol, other beverages, food or pets into CHARGER Village.
As for general behavior, we don’t babysit, so we simply ask spectators exercise enough common sense to conduct themselves in a respectful and sportsmanlike manner. 
And ya, stay the hell off the obstacles.


3315 Southgate Court SW
52404 Cedar Rapids, IA
United States

They better. Both the event and party are open to spectators, free of charge.

We're partnered with Amphibious Medics, a fantastic group that specializes in obstacle course races. There's a medical tent in CHARGER Village, and the team will be ready to spring into action on the course, whether it's a minor mishap or serious injury.

Nice work. No one should leave a CHARGE with a clean pair of shoes. HARD CHARGE has teamed up with BarrelAid, a non-profit organization that collects discarded shoes and ships to those in need. Look for the blue barrels at our races, ditch those sneaks and do some good! 

There will be a $10 fee for parking. You may receive specific parking information prior to the event. Please follow these important directions.

 Please pick up your packet at least one hour before your scheduled heat. There will be signs for packet pickup locations at the event. You must have a signed waiver and valid ID.